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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Kadena Blog, your experiences and adventures with Kadena FSS offer a great perspective for us and our military community! Feel free to browse around on the blog and read a few of our articles to get a feel for the writing style. Be warned, you may come out wanting to go on trip, relax by the beach or go on a new adventure. Tell us your story – we’d love to hear it!

For the month of January, we will be giving away 3 $25 FSS gift cards to new bloggers. One blogger will be chosen at the end of each week beginning on the 9th of January for three weeks to win the gift card. All those who submit will be published by Kadena Blog!

You can use FSS Gift Cards at any FSS facility, so it could be a free dinner at Chili’s, some new gear at the Risner Sports Pro Shop or bowling at Emery Lanes and much more!

We’ve created a few guidelines for you to consider as you embark on your journalistic endeavors with us:

  • Content must be associated with a Kadena FSS facility or activity in some way. To see which facilities apply please visit www.kadenafss.com. We at the Marketing office will fill in the blanks to tie your article back to FSS.
    Example: Kadena ITT takes off island tours to places like Tokyo and Beijing. If you have visited these places, write about your experience there. What did you see? Where did you go? What did you learn?
  • Content must be original.
  • Please be diligent to observe any copyrights or usage restrictions regarding images.
    • Feel free to use links in your post, but they must be non-promotional and relevant to the post.
  • Approximately 500-word count, a little below or above is no problem.
  • We reserve the right to take creative liberty with all submissions.
  • Share with your friends and family, you’ll be a published author!
  • Please send your submissions to venture@kadenafss.com with the subject title “Guest Blog: <Blog Name>, <Your name>.”
  • Submissions may not be published immediately. We will publish content when it is relevant to our current events.

Photo Disclaimer: Any photography you submit may be used in order to support the promotion and advertising of 18th Force Support Squadron programs and for those purposes only. You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit – including ownership, if applicable. Nevertheless, if you submit a photograph to Kadena Blog, you are granting the United States, the U.S. Air Force and all government instrumentalities and agencies thereof – including its employees acting in their official capacities – the right and license to use, re-use, copy, alter, modify, publish and re-publish the photograph in government or commercial publications, on web-based sites and in or on other electronic publishing media. By submitting your photograph, you expressly waive any compensation or remuneration from the government to which you might be entitled to as a result of the usage of the photograph covered by this authorization.

If you have any questions regarding our guidelines, we can always be reached via the Kadena Force Support Squadron Facebook page. Happy writing 🙂