Whale Sightseeing

//Whale Sightseeing

Whale Sightseeing

Written by • Rico

As we arrive to the speed boat my heart starts beating faster and faster by the second. I ask my little brother if he was nervous. He didn’t say anything but by the way he looked I could tell that he was more nervous than me.  When we got on the boat I held onto my dad, because I thought The boat was going to sink or the engine would stop and we would be stuck in the middle of the ocean. When the boat started moving, I was really nervous. I was so nervous I even went behind my little brother just in case anything happened. On the left of me there was another customer sitting near the window on the speed boat and he looked like he was one of those actors girls would fight over.

But He looked really cool as if he was a model. After a while I saw that there was a upstairs and I was wondering where that led to, so I asked my parents if my brother and I could go upstairs and they said yes. When we got up to the upstairs it was very hard to stand up straight cause the boat was still moving. On the side there were little seats you could sit on, and so my brother and I walked over there. As we were walking towards the little seats my brother and I were falling because the speed boat was extremely fast.

When we got to the seats the water splashed in our face. It was really cold and salty. Since the water splashed on my face I wanted to feel how my face felt so I could wipe the water off my face, but when I did my face was extremely smooth. I told my Mother to feel my face and she said it felt very nice. There was also this little kid he was very nice, and we had a great time. After a while of waiting we finally found some whales. One of the whales even breached into the air! When it splashed in the water it waved at us. We waved back. It was so breathtaking.  It

was one of the best adventures I ever had. After the amazing adventure we went to this huge city like town. We even went to this food shop where they had bread that tasted like mango. They had even more flavors like peach, orange, chocolate, banana, and even more. Then we went to a aquarium shop where we could get little statues of whales, necklaces books about whales, and even collectibles. After the shopping it was time for lunch we went to a Japanese soba I had soba with chicken and egg steaming with spinach in it with a side of bread. I was stuffed after eating.

When we left we decided to walk around and see the different places. As we were walking we ran into a band performing. The music they were playing made it feel like you were in Wonderland. After the band I saw a vending machine, and it had dragon balls in it. Dragon balls are something that is used in an Anime TV show. I really liked that show so I asked my mom if she had any yen and she did. So she gave me a 500 yen coin. When I went to the vending machine the coin wouldn’t fit because it was to big. So I had to go inside the store and ask the cashier if I could trade the coin I had for change. He said I could and so he gave me the change and I went to the vending machine to get the dragon ball. After I got the dragon ball We went to the bus and we drove back home. That’s why I think Kadena is great for people to sign up for different adventures.

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  1. Migita March 28, 2017 at 7:44 am - Reply

    Rico, congratulations! I want to go whale watching now!

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