My soccer team on Kadena

//My soccer team on Kadena

My soccer team on Kadena

Written by • Kaisei

My soccer team on Kadena was my second best soccer team so far.  The first day practice was a really cold day and also it was sunny.  I met everybody on my team, I had two friends that I knew from my other teams.  The field was very dry during practice and everybody was happy about that On the next practice, I tried to make friends with the new people that were on my team. We also came up with the team name Strikers.  Two weeks went by and we had our first game and we got our jerseys. The jerseys were really big that it almost didn’t fit.

For the first game we scored 3 points in the first half and another 3 in the second half.  Then we beat the team 6 – 0 and that was the best first game. Then I left for vacation on the second game so I wasn’t there to play that day, but the team won anyway 7 – 1.  Few more games went by and we won them all till this one team which kind of surprised us because they were really good.  We were scared at first so in the first half the score was 3 – 3.

That got us really mad and we went all out and then the final score was 7 – 6 and we were really happy.  The next few games we won too and we went all season long undefeated and went to the play offs.  During the playoffs we didn’t have our best player Joe but I put the team together and did our best.  During the first half I think the score was 3 – 1 and we were winning but our coach wanted more points.  Then in the second half the score was 1 – 1, so we beat them 4 – 2.

Then the championships came the next night and we were versing the second strongest team.  In the beginning it was hard because we had two players injured and another not there.

The first half was also hard too because everybody was tired that day and didn’t want to play soccer that night.  In the first half I scored one goal and my friend scored one too.  In the second half they came back at us with two points so it was a tie.  Then my other friend almost scored but it went over the goal.  Then in the last few minutes my friend Liam technically scored because the goalie caught the ball inside the lines but the referee didn’t see that so it didn’t count.  The score was 2 – 2.  We weren’t very happy that the referee didn’t see that goal.

After that was over we went over to our bench and rested for a while and five minutes later the referee said that we would go into PKs.  We were all scared because that’s how that team defeated the other team the night before.  First we chose the first kicker on our team which was me because everybody was scared.  So I went up and the referee explained all the rules to me like how I couldn’t stop while I was running and no feints.  so I went up to Kick  then I kicked the ball and the ball glided through the air and it hit the crossbar soon as it hit the crossbar I was scared that it wasn’t going in until I found out that I had scored my first PK.

Everybody was cheering for me and I did a little celebration.

Then  the other team picked their kicker for the PK and they missed, which made us happy then we kept on taking turns choosing our kickers and then somebody on our team scored again so it was 2 – 1. Then the other team chose there last kicker and if that kicker made the goal we would lose the game, but if the kicker missed then we would win.  We weren’t sure what the actual score was so we just waited. Later we heard the final score for PK was 7 – 2.  Then we lost that game and everybody was very sad because we went the whole season undefeated till that very last championship game then the coach said good job to everybody and we all said goodbye.

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