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My earliest time at Okuma was the first time we ever gone camping in Okinawa. It was the most wondrous, adventurous camping journey. I thought that it was going to be humid in the tents that we brought with us, but it was rather cooling. I also remember the time when me and my dad created this sand trap with a decent sized hole, twigs that could easily break, place the twigs above the hole, then get a plastic bag that can cover the hole, place on top of the twigs, and cover it with sand. Now whoever walks on top of it they fall down. I had a marvelous time at Okuma beach, I hope I can go back and have another amazing time.

After the fourth grade, me and my family went back to Okuma to celebrate my cousin’s birthday party. He was just turning 6, we bought cake and ice cream from the Okuma beach store. Later, that afternoon we went swimming in the ocean. Afterwards, the others left, and I and my family went to the mini golf section of the beach. Only I and my dad played, until it was time to leave.

The third time we went to Okuma was the second to the last time we were there. We camping except we didn’t use the tents, we went in the log cabins. It was so fun but the room was a little small to fit 6 people there, but it worked in the end. This time we were barbecuing, because it was my youngest brother’s birthday. He was turning four, but the only problem was we didn’t have a cake, so we had to improvise. We had marshmallows and we lit the marshmallow up and he then blew it out, like a candle. I had the best time of my life.

I could remember the last time I went to Okuma was when my dad decided to go fishing, with a friend, it was night time so it was dark. I remember that my dad, and his friend Houston were racing to get the first fish, especially the biggest. It wasn’t long until Houston, and then got something that surprised us all, even him. A medium sized shark! We all were yelling so loud, we were hurting our own ears. We measured the shark, and it was about three feet long, after that Houston let the shark go, and ever since then we haven’t swam at the Okuma Beach.

Even though we encountered one shark at the Okuma Beach, doesn’t mean we aren’t going back there again. I would love to go back to Okuma to have much more fun. In the end though, we all were happy and I plan on going on another camping trip at Okuma.

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