My experience at Okuma

//My experience at Okuma

My experience at Okuma

Written by • Norah

Kadena is phenomenal! There is so much to do but my favorite thing to do is go to Okuma. Okuma is a very tiny peninsula, and it has a bunch of fun activities, but my favorite activity to do is look at the crystal clear water and to breathe in the “salty” air. I  enjoy the Turtles Nest, (it’s a very beautiful cabin that you stay in) but the downside is when you live with 7 other girls, and one bathroom it’s not enough. If you have a big family then the Turtles Nest is for you, but if you have a small family then one of the small condos are for you!

I love Okuma so much that I’ve been there 5 times, and each time it just kept getting better and better. The first time I went the weather was horrible, but the second  time it was beautiful the water was a robin’s egg blue and not dark like on a rainy day. Also if you decide to go on a trail make sure you’re wearing sun block or a hat that covers your face (the sun is strong), and never go anywhere alone I mean it’s a beautiful little “Get away” but it can be dangerous. Some of the ways Okuma can be dangerous are being alone at night you never want to be alone at night because of the risk of being bitten by a Habu, and you never want to be out of your room unless you have a first aid kit because there happens to sharp pieces of glass around the island.

There are other things to do like golfing, tours, going to the beach, kayaking, go karting, and more, but those are my picks for best places to go at Okuma. My experience going golfing was the most fun I’ve had in years. At the golf course, my friend and I were playing golf and she hit me with the golf club. I fell into the pound! I also had a great time going to the beach, and playing in the sand with my family and friends.

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