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Kadena is marvelous.  Last year my family and I went to Tinsel Town.  It was very enjoyable.  My favorite part was the snow. I have been here for three years, and that was the first time in years since I have played with snow.

My family also went to Okuma with my grandparents.  It was amazing. We went on this boat that took us out to the coral reef. We were out there for about two hours. When we were swimming, my Meme saw a shark right off the reef! It was pretty small, but she thought it was pretty cool. On our way back we saw a ginormous manta ray!  When we got back to our cabin we got dried off , and got dressed.   After that we went and rented a few movies.  We brought them to the cabin and then we went to play putt-putt. When we were done we went to eat dinner.  I got the kids grilled cheese.  It was really good.

The Risner Fitness Center is really nice one time my family and I went to play racquetball. It was fun.  For lacrosse, we had our championship game there. We won the game so the people in the cafe gave us free smoothies. They were really good.

For football my brother and I had all of our games at the high school. The field was really nice. Since it was turf when it rained it was not all muddy.  We live all the way on Kinser, but to me it didn’t matter if we had to drive all the way up there every Saturday. It is worth it.

We also went to see Usher in concert it. It was amazing. Although there was this one guy that just cut and stood right in front of my family and we couldn’t see. My mom asked him to move, but he said no. Then my dad told him that he stood right in front of us and that we couldn’t see .  He just said “It’s just a concert get over it!”.  A few minutes later he left. Other than that it was wonderful.
My family also went to the Kadena Marina. The water was kind of murky so we rented gear and snorkeled at the sea wall. At the shop at Kadena Marina I got a wet suit. It was very enjoyable.

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