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Written by • Emma

I really love going to go to Kadena! I especially enjoy Jack’s Place, I enjoy getting their kids menu chopped up tenderloin. I also admire the Sprite drink with a cherry floating in it. Whenever I go there, I know I’m in for a treat. Every time I leave, I’m able to get a mint at the front desk.

My mom always cares about our dogs, she wants them to be in a safe kennel that does a good job grooming. We have a pet miniature schnauzer named, Molly. My mom looked everywhere for a good kennel, then she found Karing Kennels. There has not been one time where we’ve gone there and been unhappy with the work they did on Molly. For last Christmas, my mom went there to buy our dogs a treat. They come in delicious flavors for dogs like, pork, beef, chicken, and many more! We love Karing Kennels!

Mmm… Chili’s! That is truly one of my favorite restaurants to go to. Every time I  go there, I get the Buffalo Wings. They are perfectly cooked, bursting with flavor! It is nice to go to an American restaurant every once in a while. I want to go to Chili’s every day, it’s so good!

Have you ever been to the Banyan Tree? Well, if not, you must go there! Do you like to order off of the menu? Or are you more of a buffet person? Either way, the Banyan Tree has it all! I have a special spot for their chicken fried chicken, it is delicious! I mean, amazing! It is also a pleasant place to spend with family and friends.

Now, I’ve only been to this upcoming place once, but you need to try it as well! The wonderful Kadena Officers’ Club! Do you know that they literally have crab legs there? They do! Honestly, I thought it was a high-end restaurant. Never would I have imagined that that was the, Officer’s Club! It is so cool! I’m pleased of how many seats they have, it’s not a place where you wait for an hour to sit down at. I also enjoy the salad bar, I love the fresh chopped up vegetables.


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