Kadena and my Experiences

//Kadena and my Experiences

Kadena and my Experiences

Written by • Kamiko

At first I thought the food would be horrible at Banyan Tree. Even my dad was surprised when e burger came and we halved it. It’s juicy, tender, and delicious taste made me and dad get another one. Speaking of restaurants, if you ever go to Officer’s Club I would recommended the kinda like a pattern. There is absolutely one place i would recommend. If you like the sea, sea food, and/or water activities go to Kadena marina. They have juicy rib-eye steak. Hmm if you think about it, there are plenty of food places It’s have a great restaurant called Seaside Ristorante, where they have amazing seafood and sandwiches. Like I always think ang galing! In my Filipino dialect, which translates to it’s amazing! If your kids don’t want to come then send them to the schilling center where all ages of kids are welcome to the things they  have in their collection of things including, a miniature golf course, some video games, computers, a dart board, and finally a pool table. You can even set up a party for any special occasion. Teaching your kid to drive they have a driving. They have many malls with great selection of food barbers and even washers and dryers. They also have great movies and movie theaters.  The base  is so big but we only have limited time here so enjoy while you can.  Just because Kadena is so big I haven’t been able to see all the things they have here.  You are going to have to see all the things for yourself don’t just take it by my word actually go out and see it. All the things I have said they are true if you want to have some fun just visit Kadena air base. Kadena is truly amazing and fun for kids and adults. I look forward to all the things i have talked about and seeing families go out and have fun like I have told you.

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