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Kadena is my favorite base because Kadena has everything you need to do. Chili’s is my favorite restaurant. It has awesome food, amazing drinks, and awesome waiters. That isn’t the only thing on Kadena. It also has a humongous gym with basketball, yoga, weight room, and amazing smoothies at the gym. It also has an amazing youth/teen center where there is basketball, video games, pool table, and lots of food. When it is Halloween it is the best. There is multiple haunted houses and they are very scary. I went inside before and couldn’t stop talking about how it is scary. The bowling alley on Kadena is amazing. There is so many words how I can describe how it is awesome. When it is your birthday there you can pay for a glow in dark bowling alley.  They also have pizza at the bowling alley if you get hungry.

The beach at Kadena Marina is amazing. It is so relaxing and the time of your life. At the beach you can also scuba dive and it is really fun. You can find fishes and  mysterious things    .

Now let’s talk about Okuma. It is also another beach but one of my favorite beaches in the world. Okuma is so much fun that everyone talks about Okuma. You can play basketball, tennis,   golf, and my favorite, go snorkeling.

I talked about some of my favorite places to go on Kadena and they are spectacular. The gym, and Chilies are one of my most favorite to go on Kadena. The gyms because mostly for me I can play on their basketball courts all day and get their amazing smoothies all day. For chilies I find their food like heaven. My favorite to order from chilies is the bbq sandwich. That sandwich is the bomb. Like I said, Kadena is my favorite base ever you will enjoy every part of it.

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