My Experience with Kadena Ice Skating

//My Experience with Kadena Ice Skating

My Experience with Kadena Ice Skating

Written by • Anamaria

When my family and I moved to Okinawa we took advantage of the opportunities offered to us.  While my mom was working, my dad, my two brothers, and I took a bus from Kadena using the ITT tours to an ice skating rink.  At the skating rink we rented our ice skates and took off on the ice.

The skating rink has a ramen vending machine and hot and cold drink vending machines.  After attempting to skate we were very hungry and thirsty.  The vending machines came of great use to us.  We put our yen into the ramen vending machine, and warm, beef-flavored noodles were dispensed from the machine.  Then my brother Joseph explained he was thirsty, and everyone agreed with him.  We then bought hot cocoa from the vending machine.  The drinks were pleasingly hot.  The warm ramen and hot chocolate warmed and filled our empty bellies.

After our small lunch, we continued to glide across the ice, or at least we tried to.  My brothers and I enjoyed ice skating.  I’m not sure if my father did though, he told me he received blisters from using incorrectly sized ice skates.  Although, I also had blisters, ice skating was enjoyable for me.

After the bus ride to Kadena, Dad drove our car to our house.  Ice skating has certainly left a memory that I will not forget in a hurry.  When we arrived, my brothers and I excitedly described our trip to glide across the ice.  Our mother promised to come with us on our next trip the ice rink, though, I doubt any of us will do better next try.

One day we had visitor new to Okinawa.  We excitedly told them about how much fun we had ice skating.  We planned on taking  them to ice skate, although, my parents had already planned a trip to one of the many castles on Okinawa.  Perhaps next visit, we may take them to fly across the ice.

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