My experience at Chibana Golf Course

//My experience at Chibana Golf Course

My experience at Chibana Golf Course

Written by • Theodore

Chibana golf course is great. It offers a fun experience for golfers across the board while not being too difficult for beginners. Offering a par 3 course, driving range, putting practice, snacks, club rental, a club cleaning station and the pro-shop. It should be your first stop for all your golfing outings.

Their driving range going as far as the eye can see. Their course disappeared into the vegetation featuring bunkers and water hazards. The beginner golfer can take a step back from the pros on holes requiring long shots over water alternate tees are provided to ease the game and you are not required to take penalty shots for beginner tees. On holes children’s’ tees are placed on family days. Snacks are proved in the restaurants for bargain deals.

Need a party? Party packs are purchasable. For older audiences there are slot machines. Their driving range is a blast as it is at least 300 yards. For golfers who like to visit the range often keys are available to store balls on pre-paid cards. The diving range is covered completely and features club rests, fake turf and a place to put some balls close to your club. The course is great featuring club cleaners every hole with a ball cleaning apparatus. Every even hole a water cooler with provided cups. About half way through there is a porta-potty. The driving greens are always well kept and the tee stones are always moved to keep a good amount of grass on the driving greens. They are always raised about a foot to give a player the advantage of height when they tee off. There are large water hazards at the beginning of some holes to add an extra challenge for the experienced golfer.

Don’t worry those of you who cannot get your balls across there are alternate tees. The bunkers are always smooth and rid of foot prints. They are so nice on occasion a ball will even bounce of the sand! Their putting greens are well kept and always on a hill to give golfers a challenge. The greens are always unpredictable giving a challenge to even returning golfers. Golfers can practice their chipping and putting on the practice greens. There are multiple holes and greens to practice on. Golfers can borrow club carts for free!

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